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Andrew Bacevich

Is the US an ‘indispensable nation’ or reckless and misguided?

President Biden is now doubling down on the self-congratulatory rhetoric of the 1990s, embracing the very logic that delivered the excesses and mistakes that he ironically urges others not to repeat.


Representative Jared Golden’s reversal on assault weapons took courage

It takes courage to speak out against the misguided belief that Americans have the right to own weapons of war. That kind of courage can get you voted out of office.

Kris Brown

Scapegoating mental illness is ineffective in preventing mass shootings

Research and data show that behavioral risk factors are far better at predicting violence than mental health diagnosis alone.


Transfer tax would give communities one more weapon in the housing battle

Healey’s proposal would end a decade-long fight to tap high-end real estate sales for the greater good.

Lenore Skenazy

Phones in schools are making children less safe

Let’s keep them safe from the biggest, most common threat to their well-being: The crippling belief that they always must be reachable and are always in some kind of danger.

Heather Hopp-Bruce

Put an end to school shootings and then students can put away their phones

Time and again, cellphones have been the lifeline of students and their families in school shooting situations.


The big question looming over Dana-Farber shift: What’s the best way to treat cancer?

The cancer center’s move from Brigham and Women’s Hospital envisions a new model of care.


Why they rip down the ‘Kidnapped from Israel’ fliers

The purpose of the papers is to emphasize the humanity of the hostages seized by Hamas. Some find that intolerable.