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Send your relationship questions to Love Letters

Love LettersGlobe Staff

Love Letters

Relationships are hard. So is single life. But we’re here – and everything at Love Letters is anonymous.

Are you questioning a relationship, trying to define a situationship, dating for the first time in a long time, trying to decode a text, worrying about quality time (vs. screen time), or sick of the apps and the expense of dating?

Maybe it’s something else. Surprise us.

Send your relationship question to or use the private form below.

When you tell us what you’re dealing with, you wind up helping us – and others. We can all use a little help right now.


Jenna Reyes can be reached at Follow her @jennaelaney and Instagram @jennaelaney.

Open the tab and fill out the form and hit submit. That's it! Keep a look out for your question in the next Love Letters.