NFL Betting Analysis

Big Game Betting Guide

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The Big Game Betting Guide features a detailed analysis of the last 19 Super Bowls, with actionable information on which teams hold under-the-radar advantages.

Penalties in the Big Game

A Super Bowl contender that led the league in regular-season penalties. A more disciplined opponent. Who’s more likely to win, and how might in-game penalties shake things up?

NFL Daily Fantasy Analysis

Sports Betting Information

Arbitrage in Sports Betting: What Is It and How Can You Pull It Off?

The strategy of finding arbitrage in sports betting will eliminate risk in the bets that you place and ensure you turn a profit...if you're quick enough.

A Brief History of Betting on the NFL

In the past 10 years, American sports have seen a revolution when it comes to the world of gambling, and the sport that seems to have privately embraced that revolution the most has been football. The NFL has been taking the slow and steady...

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NFL Betting Analysis

Big Game Betting Guide

Quarter-by-Quarter Scoring in the Super Bowl

When are Super Bowl teams most likely to score during the regular season, and during the big game? And how might this inform our approach to prop betting?

High-Point Scorers in the Super Bowl

Super Bowls often feature at least one offensive juggernaut. How frequently do they win and/or cover the spread?

Battle-Tested Teams: Narrow Wins and Losses

Among Super Bowl opponents, are more battle-tested teams – squads that compete in and/or win more games decided by a touchdown or less – more likely to win the big game?

NFL Daily Fantasy Analysis

Sports Betting Information

Sports Betting Terms and Meanings NFL Fans Should Know

With legalized sports betting sweeping the nation at breakneck speed, it's more important than ever to recognize various gambling terms and their meanings. NFL...

NFL Betting: How To Wager on NFL Games for Free

Want to know how to wager on the NFL for free? We're diving into all of the ways you can bet on the NFL without spending your own cash.

How To Bet on NFL Games

Learn how to bet on NFL games here. Get the latest NFL betting tips, including where to find every NFL betting platform and what each bet type means.

NFL Betting Terms and Meanings

There are dozens of betting terms and meanings to keep track of. If you're new to the betting space, here are some key sports betting terms.

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DraftKings Arizona Promo Code: Super Bowl 57 Bet $5, Get $200 Bonus

A look at the DraftKings Arizona promo code for Super Bowl 57 that brings new players a bet $5, get $200 bonus for the Eagles-Chiefs matchup.