The Big Game Betting Guide

Research and Analysis

Penalties in the Big Game

A Super Bowl contender that led the league in regular-season penalties. A more disciplined opponent. Who’s more likely to win, and how might in-game penalties shake things up?

Quarter-by-Quarter Scoring in the Super Bowl

When are Super Bowl teams most likely to score during the regular season, and during the big game? And how might this inform our approach to prop betting?

Battle-Tested Teams: Narrow Wins and Losses

Among Super Bowl opponents, are more battle-tested teams – squads that compete in and/or win more games decided by a touchdown or less – more likely to win the big game?

Rush and Pass Attempts: Super Bowl vs. Regular Season

Prop bets and DFS competitions might be largely won or lost before the coin flip . . . if only we knew which team would win. Ah, but we can play the probabilities.

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