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More New Hampshire Headlines


Judge dismisses lawsuit that sought to block Trump from N.H. ballot

John Anthony Castro, a virtually unknown Republican presidential candidate, had claimed he shouldn’t have to compete with the former president in the first-in-the-nation GOP primary.


Eyedrops from CVS, Rite Aid and others carry possible infection risk, FDA says

Health regulators are warning consumers not to use more than two dozen varieties of over-the-counter eyedrops due to the risk of infections that could lead to blindness.


Eccentric candidates ‘part of the color’ of N.H. primary process

Performance artist and perennial candidate Vermin Supreme showed up for the last day to file for New Hampshire’s presidential primary.

The president’s New Hampshire allies officially launch write-in Biden effort

Well-connected Democrats in New Hampshire launched a much-anticipated write-in effort on behalf of President Biden on Monday, a move they’re hoping will give him an early primary win in the 2024 nominating process despite his not appearing on their ballot.

Epoch Preservation uses artistry and attention to detail to bring historical gravestones back to life

The company repairs more than 250 gravestones a year, working in cemeteries across New England, primarily focusing on Boston, the North Shore, and southern New Hampshire.

Representative Dean Phillips announces primary challenge to Biden. He says Democrats need to focus on future

Phillips is highly unlikely to beat Biden. Still, his run offers a symbolic challenge to national Democrats trying to project the idea that there is no reason to doubt the president’s electability


Candidate blocked from N.H. presidential primary ballot

Cenk K. Uygur, a progressive political commentator best known as the founder of The Young Turks, submitted a declaration of candidacy for the Democratic primary. It was blocked.

They lost to Chris Sununu. Now they agree on who should take his place.

Three of the past four Democratic gubernatorial nominees in New Hampshire are backing the same candidate in the 2024 race.