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More New Hampshire Health Headlines

NH Health

He’s focused on helping people with addiction. He knows what it’s like because he’s been there himself.

Alastair Huntley didn’t know about harm reduction when he was struggling with opioid addiction in his 20s. Now, it’s a big part of his work as an EMT and future doctor.

Globe Magazine

A fraught question for the children of Alzheimer’s: Is it coming for us?

Genes may play a smaller role than we think, but it’s hard to forget what happened to our mom.

Pregnant patients can be reported for neglect solely for taking addiction medication. A new federal bill would change that.

New federal legislation would shield pregnant or postpartum mothers from child abuse and neglect investigation solely for taking prescribed medication to treat substance use disorder.


Project conserves 3,700 acres of forest in northern New Hampshire

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests has completed a long-term effort to protect two adjacent forests in the northern part of the state. The areas will remain open to hiking, hunting, fishing and forest management.

Combatting loneliness is one step toward solving the mental health crisis, surgeon general says in N.H. visit

In a visit to New Hampshire Thursday, the surgeon general said the foundation for building a healthy society has crumbled, but we have the power to rebuild it.


N.H.’s Catholic Medical Center to explore ‘partnership’ with HCA Healthcare

Catholic Medical Center, a nonprofit hospital and regional health system based in Manchester that was the subject of a Boston Globe Spotlight investigation, has signed a non-binding letter of intent with HCA.

Adoptive parents of Harmony Montgomery’s little brother plead with state for new scrutiny of child welfare system

Legislators are considering creation of a commission to review failures in the state's child welfare system.


A Massachusetts reproductive rights organization expands into N.H.

Reproductive Equity Now’s president, Rebecca Hart Holder, said the organization’s goal is to make the region “a beacon for abortion access.”