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7-day forecast for Boston, MA

wedNovember 1
Showers45 °/33 °
todayNovember 2
Sunny49 °/36 °
friNovember 3
Mostly Sunny
Mostly sunny57 °/48 °
satNovember 4
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly cloudy60 °/48 °
sunNovember 5
Intermittent Clouds
Intermittent clouds59 °/47 °
monNovember 6
Intermittent Clouds
Intermittent clouds59 °/50 °
tuesNovember 7
Showers59 °/45 °


HIGH 49° / LOW 28°

  • feels like31°F
  • humidity81%
  • precipitation20%
  • wind6 MPH NW
  • visibility10 MI

Hourly Forecast

Intermittent Clouds39°20%1AM
Intermittent Clouds37°20%2AM
Intermittent Clouds36°20%3AM
Intermittent Clouds35°20%4AM

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