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Latest Headlines in World

Water supply in Gaza dwindles as Israel-Hamas War continues

People throughout Gaza are finding it increasingly difficult to access water after Israel cut off the supply to Gaza in the wake of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

Refugee camp hit by Israeli airstrikes just a few kilometers from Medway family in Jabaliya

Israeli airstrikes caused widespread destruction in Gaza following the surprise attack by Hamas on Oct. 7.

Belarusians who fled repression face new hurdles as they try to rebuild their lives abroad

Belarus has stopped renewing passports at its embassies abroad under a new decree by authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko.

German government plans to allow asylum-seekers to work sooner and punish smugglers harder

The package backed by the Cabinet on Wednesday, which still requires parliamentary approval, is the latest in a series of steps taken recently by the government as it tries to defuse migration as a major political problem.

King Charles III visits war cemetery in Kenya after voicing ‘deepest regret’ for colonial violence

King Charles III has visited a war cemetery in Nairobi, laying a wreath in honor of Kenyans who fought alongside the British in the two world wars.

Dozens of Afghans who were illegally in Pakistan are detained and deported in nationwide sweeps

Pakistani security forces have launched sweeps to arrest and deport Afghans who are in the country illegally, sending dozens back after a government-set deadline for them to leave expired.

Israel carries out wide-scale strike in Northern Gaza

Several hundred thousand Palestinians remain in northern Gaza in the path of the ground assault. They have crowded into homes or are packed by the thousands into hospitals that are already overwhelmed with patients and running low on supplies.

Israeli troops battle in Gaza as airstrike draws conflicting claims

Israeli troops and tanks fought their way deeper into the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, according to Israeli and Gaza officials, who described battles with Hamas fighters and troop movements drawing closer to the territory’s main city and the warren of tunnels beneath it.