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Maine shootings

Maine governor launches independent commission to probe Lewiston mass shootings

Governor Mills said Wednesday that she will establish an independent commission to look into the Oct. 25 mass shootings that killed 18 people. 2 hours ago

Maine shootings

Law enforcement, military officials knew about gunman’s instability for months. But repeated warnings weren’t enough.

Law enforcement officials failed to make contact with Robert Card during two wellness checks at his home or take steps to seize his weapons, raising questions over whether such a horrific loss of life could have been averted.

Maine shootings

Tracking the misinformation in police’s response to Maine gunman

Here’s what’s been corrected by officials or revealed in public records — and what remains unknown — about the Lewiston massacre.


Army reservist sent texts before Maine attack warning gunman would ‘do a mass shooting’

A set of desperate texts and a letter from a US Army Reserve training supervisor to a Maine sheriff in September reveal the high level of concern the gunman's fellow reservists had about the severity of his mental illness.

Crime & Courts

Lewiston gunman had been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital

The shooter was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital in New York this summer after exhibiting erratic behavior during military training.

Maine shootings

Senators Susan Collins and Angus King honor Lewiston shooting victims on Senate floor

"Tonight, my colleague and I simply want to remember the people that lost their lives last Wednesday night in Lewiston, Maine,” said King, who posted a video of their remarks on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, Tuesday evening.

Crime & Courts

Involuntary commitments can be a vital lifeline for mental health, but patients’ rights must be considered

Decisions about involuntary commitment require a balance between questions about safety and personal rights, clinicians said.

Crime & Courts

Could a ‘red flag’ law have stopped the gunman in Lewiston?

Twenty-one states have laws that allow police or loved ones to seek a judicial order temporarily barring someone from possessing firearms if they demonstrate they’re a danger to themselves or others. Not Maine.